Making Healthy Convenient and Fun For All


"1. Not knowing what was actually in the supplements my friends and I were taking."

"2. How seriously people think exercising is."

"Next Gen U is here to solve these problems, Naturally. Introducing Next Gen U.

Ted Walker, CEO Next Gen U.



Why does being healthy have to be so serious?! We get that your health is a serious matter. But why can’t being healthy be fun??!!

Have you ever dreamt of a healthy, fun lifestyle that's convenient for you? Welcome to Next Gen U - the company that will work with you to make being healthy fun and easy for you!

Our powdered health supplements are designed to give you a high quality nutrient boost in the most convenient way possible, giving you more time to enjoy your life and get active!

We’re here to give you fun ways to enable you to change your life for the better. We don’t want you to have a 6 month rollercoaster diet - we want you to have a lifestyle that you love!

If you’re ready, the change starts here…

The Right Thing To Do

We believe that everyone should be able to live a fun, natural, healthy lifestyle!

Our products, together with the work that we do with communities across the UK are our way of helping people realise how healthy doesn’t have to be serious, healthy can be fun!

We pride ourselves on our desire to help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. To help you be healthy because you love your body, not because you hate it!

We stand by our core principle that our decisions are based on what is “the right thing to do”.

We want everyone that we have contact with to feel that their lives have been enriched by us and that we have done the right thing for them.

We continually strive for improvement at Next Gen U, improvement in ourselves, improvement in our products, improvement in you.

If you need anything, get in touch!


Help us take you to Next Gen U

At Next Gen U, we take huge pride in the integrity of our brand. This is why we have chosen to meet the standards of:

  • The Soil Association
  • The Vegan Society

With the backing of these organisations, you can guarantee that our products are natural, organic and of the highest quality!

Our products are not just for Vegans. They are for anyone who wants to know what is going into their bodies and who wants to lead a healthy, natural lifestyle!

Join us and help us take you to Next Gen U!


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