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240 High Strength Zinc Gluconate Vegan Tablets


Our High Strength Zinc Gluconate Tablets are made from premium quality vegan ingredients. The tablets have been formulated to enable maximum absorption and are manufactured in the UK to provide you with the best quality vegan supplement.

Product Description

  • MAXIMUM POTENCY FORMULA – Our custom formulation of high strength Zinc Gluconate provides 250% of your daily NRV of Zinc intake per serving. Zinc is an essential mineral in your diet. With a bioavailability of over 90%, you can be assured that your body is absorbing more than enough essential nutrients to handle whatever your day throws at you. At Next Gen U, we give you vegan supplements with real benefits for men and women.
  • PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS – Zinc helps to strengthen the immune system and promotes good skin health as well as containing strong antioxidant properties . Zinc can help to keep the prostrate healthy and speeds up the healing time of wounds. Zinc could also be beneficial to sufferers of acne, promotes healthier nails and nourishes hair and skin.
  • FREE FROM & VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY - All Next Gen U products adhere to the highest UK manufacturing standards to maintain a high quality of product . Our products are free from free from Artificial Colours & Preservatives, free from Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Lactose & Fish . We pride ourselves on the fact that our products deliver real benefits to our customers and we spare no expense in the development of our products.
  • 8 MONTHS SUPPLY AMAZING VALUE – At Next Gen U, we have our own in house manufacturing which allows us to keep the cost of our products down for our customers whilst still offering the highest quality products on the market.
  • SATISFACTION - Check out our smoothie boosters range for other great superfood supplements at our storefront today.


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